Rainbodhi United States of America

About Rainbodhi USA

Rainbodhi USA connects queer and trans Buddhists across America. 

We are just starting our journey as community organisers. Stay tuned for online teachings, group meditations, and community connections.

Meantime, join the online  conversations in Rainbodhi USA ‘s Facebook group,

Email: rainbodhi.usa@gmail.com

Organising Team


Emi (they/she) practices in the Himalayan Gelugpa tradition. They are currently undertaking a degree in Buddhism, including studying Tibetan and Japanese languages. They publish innovative content about being queer and Buddhist on their Instagram @neo_queer and hope to start their own publishing house one day.

Dr. Hsiao-Lan Hu

Dr Hu (ze/hir) is a professor of Religious Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy and was the first immigrant, person of color, and queer/trans/NB person to serve as Director of Women’s and Gender Studies Program there. Ze teaches and publishes in the areas of feminist social ethics, intersectionality issues in Buddhism, and pluralist pedagogy.

Ze has studied and practised with Chan, Pure Land, Theravāda, and Vajrayāna traditions.


Void (they/them) is a Virginia resident immersed in Plumb Village tradition, Zen Buddhism, and Bhante Akāliko’s teachings. A solitary practitioner due to lack of nearby centers. Devoted to pets, plant-based living, and nurturing a profound connection with nature. Passionate about creating art as a form of self-expression and spiritual growth.