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International Queer Buddhist Conference

Submissions wanted for presentations and workshops to connect queer Buddhists from all over the world. 

Rainbodhi is thrilled to support the International Queer Buddhist Conference (IQBC), a series of online events held over the weekend of 23rd and 24th October. Conference organisers are seeking submissions, including scholarly articles, workshop programs, guided meditations, talks, artworks and more! Submissions close 30th August. Register your interest on the IQBC site below.

Rainbodhi Community Events

For our Rainbodhi friends in Sydney Australia

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Share & Care Facebook Group

Rainbodhi Share & Care is the place to connect and support our international community online. This is an interactive spiritual friendship group, a good place for discussion and sharing articles and upcoming events that matter to you and our community. Keep in touch and please reach out if you need anything. Share and Care!



Postponed Events

Postponed due to covid-19. We hope to reschedule these events in 2021

Protesteors at a rally standing behind a banner that reads "No discrimination, equality without excpetion"

POSTPONED — Coming in 2021

Day of Practice at Santi Forest Monastery

Join Rainbodhi during the April long weekend for a special day of friendship and meditation at Santi Forest Monastery, a Buddhist nun’s hermitage near Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands.

Rainbodhi is thrilled to have Santi’s Spiritual Director, Ayya Jitindriya, to guide us through an afternoon of sitting and walking meditation. With over 30 years of meditation experience, Ayya’s Jitindiya’s teaching helps us deepen our understanding of the spiritual path and rejuvenate our meditation practice.

This is a great opportunity to escape Sydney for a day, reconnect with nature and experience the peaceful atmosphere of a forest monastery.

Please see the eventbrite page to register, and for important information about transport, accessibility and the day’s schedule.

Sunday 26th April
7:30am: Leave Sydney by shared cars.

5:30pm: Depart Santi by shared cars.
Santi Forest Monastery
100 Coalmines Rd

About the Teacher
Ayya Jitindriya first ordained as a monastic in the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK when she was 25 years old, with Ajahn Sumedho as preceptor. She trained as a nun in this tradition for 17 years, from 1988-2004. After leaving the monastic life, Ayya Jitindriya gained a Master’s degree in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice and began practicing as a psychotherapist, whilst continuing to teach meditation. In 2018, Jitindriya re-entered the monastic life at Santi Forest Monastery in the Southern Highlands of NSW, where she currently resides as the Spiritual Director.

Protesteors at a rally standing behind a banner that reads "No discrimination, equality without excpetion"

POSTPONED — Coming in 2021

Sadness, Shame and Self

Our past experiences echo through our lives and haunt our hearts. In our darkest moments, we feel scared and alone, separated from others and disconnected from our self.  How can we find love within ourselves to heal?  In Zen meditation, we rest on the breath, exploring resonance and resistance, allowing internal boundaries to dissolve. This supports a softening of inner judgement and enables new insights to come forth. Meditation calls us to enquire deeply into the nature of self and face our fears and longings. It shows us how to live fully, so that we can awaken to a profound tenderness for our self and others.

Wednesday 27th May, 7:00—8:30pm
Rainbow Room, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
1 Bedford St, Newtown
Opposite Newtown station. Fully accessible venue

About the Teacher
Venerable Bom Hyon Sunim is from the Korean Zen tradition and is resident at Therimettarama, a non-sectarian monastic residence for women in Sydney. After founding the Healthcare Chaplaincy program for the Buddhist Council of Victoria, Sunim currently serves as a chaplain for the University of Western Sydney and is the Senior Buddhist Chaplain for the Australian Defence Forces. Sunim is also the current chair of the Australian Sangha Association.

Sunim is active in interfaith, and welcomes engagement with all who are spiritually and ecologically motivated to live in right relationship to the planet and all beings.

Collaged Artwork Image by Paul Yore Mother Tongue (detail) 2017, mixed media textile, beads, buttons, sequins, acrylic, enamel, watercolour and found objects, 348 x 212 cm.

POSTPONED — Coming in 2021

Sex, Scandal and Spirituality

Buddhist monk and scholar, Bhante Sujato, takes us on an adventurous romp through the landscape of sexuality and gender-diversity in early Buddhism. Drawing on historical records, Bhante Sujato reveals the astonishingly colourful world of sex, love and relationships at the time of the Buddha. Following the talk, a Q&A panel discusses Buddhist approaches to contemporary issues, including gender fluidity, poly-amorous relationships, dating apps, sex-work and much more!

Join Rainbodhi LGBTQIA+ Buddhist Community for a fascinating evening exploring our spiritual, social and sexual selves.

Thursday 18th June, 7:00—9pm
Enid Cook Room, Sydney Neighbourhood Centre
Level 1,  405 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Fully accessible venue

Register for your free ticket.

About the Teacher
Bhante Sujato is a proud ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and a senior monk who regularly teaches across Australia as well as overseas. He took higher ordination in Thailand and lived there in forest monasteries and remote hermitages. He then spent several years at Bodhinyana Monastery in WA before founding Santi Forest Monastery in NSW in 2003. Bhante Sujato has written several books, including: A Swift Pair of Messengers and A History of Mindfulness, and recently completed the translation of the Theravada scriptures into English. He is also the founder and director of SuttaCentral, a website for early Buddhist texts and translations.

He currently resides at Lokanta Vihara (the Monastery at the End of the World) in Sydney.