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Rainbodhi Care & Share Dharma Practice Group (Monthly)

We are a peer-led study group which usually focuses on a 5 – 10 minutes multimedia presentation. It could be reading an excerpt from a book, or watching a short video that related to the messages of Dharma.

Why do we need a Care and Share Study Group?

We’re easily distracted and always busy with lots of responsibilities and activities, so we may often forget to engage in self-reflection. The idea for this study group is to Hear/Watch > Reflect > Practice

Session Format

  • Short meditation (10 mins).
  • Sharing of video clip or an excerpt from a book (10 mins)
  • Small group discussion. (20 mins)
  • Personal in-depth reflection in silence(10 mins)
  • Sharing with group the ways we can apply the Dharma in daily life. (30 mins)
  • Dedication of merits (5mins)

This group meets on the last Friday of every month. Next session: Friday 27th May at 7:30pm (UTC +8)

This session is being run by Rainbodhi Singapore. The 7:30pm time given is Singapore time. Make sure you check your timezone
Sydney: 9:30pm | Perth: 7:30pm | Bangkok: 6:30pm | London: 12:30pm | Paris: 1:30pm | New York: 7:30am | Los Angeles: 4:30am

Share & Care Facebook Group

Rainbodhi Share & Care is the place to connect and support our international community online. This is an interactive spiritual friendship group, a good place for discussion and sharing articles and upcoming events that matter to you and our community. Keep in touch and please reach out if you need anything. Share and Care!