Welcome to Rainbodhi LGBTQIA+ Buddhist Community!

Rainbodhi is a spiritual friendship group for LGBTQIA+ Buddhists and an advocate for more inclusion and diversity in the broader Buddhist community. We offer meditation, Dhamma discussion and social events in a safe, supportive environment. We welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or ability. Rainbodhi is a non-sectarian Buddhist group, welcoming people from all faiths or with no faith. All our events are free.

Our name combines two words; rainbow representing our diverse community and bodhi the Buddhist concept of Enlightenment. We believe in inclusion, compassion and wisdom.

Care & Share Online with Rainbodhi Singapore

Watch/Hear | Reflect | Practice

We are a peer-led study group that usually focuses on a 5 – 10 minutes multimedia presentation. It could be reading an excerpt from a book, or watching a short video that related to the messages of Dharma.

Why do we need a Care and Share Study Group?

We’re easily distracted and always busy with lots of responsibilities and activities, so we may often forget to engage in self-reflection. The idea for this study group is to Hear/Watch > Reflect > Practice

Session Format

  • Short meditation (10 mins)
  • Sharing of video clip or an excerpt from a book (10 mins)
  • Small group discussion (20 mins)
  • Personal in-depth reflection in silence (10 mins)
  • Sharing with group the ways we can apply the Dharma in daily life (30 mins)
  • Dedication of merits (5mins)

Every last Friday of the month: Starts April 28th, then May 26th, June 23rd….


Rainbodhi Chapters

Rainbodhi started out back in 2019 in Sydney, providing meditation and spiritual frienship events to the local queer Buddhist community. During the Coivd-19 pandemic, Rainbodhi went global using online platforms connecting with rainbow Buddhists around the world. Our community continues to grow and now we have fully automous Rainbodhi chapters. If you’d like to start a Rainbodhi group in your area, get in touch using the contact form below.

Rainbodhi Poland

Rainbodhi Poland is a new chapter formed in July 2023 to provide a safe and supportive place for Polish queer Buddhists to connect, make friendships and learn about the Buddha’s teachings. To join, send an email to the organising team below.

Rainbodhi Spain

Rainbodhi Spain is a new chapter to provide spiritual friendship and support for Spanish queer Buddhists to connect and learn about the Buddha’s teachings. Join the FB group below.

Rainbodhi Singapore

Inspired by Rainbodhi’s work in Australia, Rainbodhi SG is a fully independent organsiation run by Singaporeans for the Singaporean rainbow community. They hold regular meditation and friendship events both in-person and online. Visit the Rainbodhi SG website for events and socials.

Rainbodhi Naarm / Melbourne

A lovely group of queer Buddhists living in Naarm (Melbourne) with regular meditation sessions and discussions about intersectional topics. They meet at the CERES Learning Centre in Brunswick East. Join their FB group to connect with queer Buddhists in Melbourne. 



Rainbodhi’s Inclusivity Resource

Now available in four languages!

Welcoming the Rainbow, Rainbodhi’s resource promoting awareness of diversity, is now available in English, Thai, Dutch and Polish editions. 

The resource is written by Rainbodhi founder, Bhante Akāliko and filled with gorgeous illustrations by Venerable Yodha. Hard copies of the booklet have been sent to Buddhist centres all over the world, including America, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France,  Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom and many more!

View and download all editions on our Welcoming the Rainbow page below:


Catch Up on YouTube

Rainbodhi Youtube Channel

Rainbodhi’s Youtube channel contains teachings, recordings and a range of offerings from past events, including talks from Rainbodhi friends around the world. Speakers include Bhante Akaliko, Lama Rod Owens, Melina Bondy, Brother Phap Hai and many more.

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Connect with Your Community

Rainbodhi Share + Care Group


Rainbodhi Share & Care group is here to help connect and support members of Rainbodhi LGBTQIA+ Buddhist Community.
We promote discussion about Buddhism and being LGBTQIA+. This is a safe space. Any racism, sexism, cis-sexism, transphobia, biphobia or homophobia will result in being banned from the group.
If you’re feeling alone or anxious about life, you can find spiritual friendship and support here. If you need goods, services or help, just reach out and our community can share what we have.
Tell us your stories, share your cares.

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